Successful Installation and Commissioning of Flare Control System at TBL Dar

This project aimed to implement a robust system that effectively monitors and controls gas flaring activities, minimizing environmental impact and enhancing operational safety at TBL Dar. The installation involved integration of sensors, controllers, valves, and a comprehensive network of instrumentation of Flare control system into S7-300 PLC and visualizing it in intouch, wonderware.

Following the installation, a commissioning phase was initiated to validate the system’s performance under various operational scenarios. Thorough testing, it was ensured that the system operated excellently, responding effectively to both standard and emergency conditions. Moreover, training sessions were conducted for operational staff, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively operate and manage the newly installed system.

The completion of the installation and commissioning of the Flare Control System stands as a proof of dedication of IAES towards prioritizing safety, environmental responsibility, and technological innovation in Food & Beverage Industry. This milestone not only signifies a significant achievement but also sets a benchmark for best practices within the industry, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures in ensuring operational safety and environmental sustainability.