Bleanding Table

Electrical Installation for a New Blending Table Line

We’re excited to share that we’ve finished installing and setting up a new blending table line at MKWAWA LEAF TOBACCO. This is a big achievement for us as we strive for innovation and top-notch operations.

The project involved a careful process. First, we put up electrical panels and laid cables. Then, we connected power cables and Energies the panels. After that, we installed PLC hardware and set up communication using Profibus cables.

A crucial part of the project was adding Danfoss Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). This involved mounting, working on trays, laying cables, connecting, and turning on power for each all VFD unit.

Besides the VFDs, our team worked on trays, supplied power cables, arranged control cables, and installed isolators for all 19 machines in the blending table. We also made things more reliable by adding limit switches, photo eye sensor, emergency switches, remote motor control panel and calibrating weigh scales.

At the same time, we improved the lighting in the Mini floor and blending table areas. We assembled light handling channels, wired them, and made final power connections to ensure good lighting for efficiency and safety.

After successfully testing and commissioning, we’re confident in the seamless integration and functionality of all components.

At Industrial automation and electrical system Limited, we’re committed to pushing boundaries with technology. This new blending table shows our dedication to excellence and proves that we’re leaders in manufacturing solutions.